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Moon VR Player Lets You Watch Videos In Passthrough On Quest 2

Moon VR Player Lets You Watch Videos In Passthrough On Quest 2

Moon VR Player lets you watch regular and 180° videos in passthrough on Quest 2.

Moon VR was around years ago on the Samsung Gear VR, developed by a full team. In 2017 they ran out of funding and had to suspend development – though the app was maintained voluntarily and ported to Oculus Go. With the success of Quest 2 the Moon team is now back together, and the app is now available on App Lab with a unique feature: passthrough support.

The Quest 2 Passthrough API launched in August last year. It lets developers use the view from the headset’s greyscale tracking cameras as a layer (eg. the background) or on a custom mesh (eg. a desk in front of you).

In Moon VR that means you can position videos in your real room and keep awareness of your surroundings. This can either be standard flat videos where most of your view is your real surroundings, or immersive 180° videos so you can just look behind you.

The player also claims the following features:

  • Moon Link: wirelessly watch vr videos from your Windows PC, Mac or other local devices
  • Fix ghosting: remove faulty ghosting in the video
  • Gaze-based control: head tracking and effortless hands-free control
  • Screen adjustments: Brightness, distance, zoom, and curved display
  • Rotate, mirror and single-eye viewing: watch videos from the perspective you like
  • Background environments: galaxy, sea view and more other options to be released
  • Advanced antialiasing to smooth shaking: Multisampling Antialiasing, Supersampling Antialiasing, and Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing
  • Multiple video formats supported: mkv/ mp4/ wmv/ mov/ avi/ rmvb/ flv
  • Automatic recognition of video format without manual setup
  • Multiple subtitles and audio tracks from external sources

Moon VR is currently completely free, but the developer plans to either ship a premium version in future or add paid features.

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