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Andy Serkis Narrates Mixed Reality 'Monstrorama', Coming Soon To Quest

Monstrorama screenshot

Narrated by Andy Serkis, Monstrorama turns your home into a mixed reality monster museum, and it's 'coming soon' to Quest.

Debuting alongside The Pirate Queen at this week's Tribeca Festival, Monstrorama is directed by Clément Deneux, who worked on last year's documentary series Missing Pictures. He's joined by French scriptwriter Émilie Valentin, co-writer for Dawn of the Art, while Serkis plays the Museum's owner called The Collector. Examining monsters like a Kraken, Vampire and Werewolf thousands of miles underground, you can watch the trailer below:

"It has been an exciting challenge to produce Monstrorama, a project that combines strong storytelling with the latest innovative Mixed Reality features," says producer Oriane Hurard in a prepared statement, who calls this a game based on creativity. “Monstrorama is just the most magical immersive story. This project is a real leap forward as it really does contain both worlds,” adds Serkis.

Promising a narrative filled with horror and mystery, Tribeca attendees can play the first chapter from June 9-17. Here's the full synopsis:

The secret museum Monstrorama was built by the Collector, a mysterious and extravagant man whose face no one has ever seen. Few people have the chance to visit his museum. To get there, you need to go into a parallel universe, another dimension where our world coexists with that of the monsters. Once you enter the portal, the museum comes to you, melding with your real environment.
Your room transforms into a giant elevator that takes you thousands of miles underground, where the monsters lie, from the Kraken to the Vampire, each more terrifying than the next. During your journey, you will also encounter the Tingler, a one-of-a-kind creature, a little parasite monster that clings to your wrist and feeds on your fear.

Monstrorama doesn't have a confirmed release date, though it's "coming soon" to Meta Quest headsets.

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