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Monster Hunter Rise On PC Already Has A Basic VR Mod

Monster Hunter Rise On PC Already Has A Basic VR Mod

The developer behind the excellent PC VR mods for Resident Evil 2 and 3 already has a mod up and running for the newly-released PC version of Monster Hunter Rise.

In fact, developer Praydog already had support for the mod up and running before the release of the PC version thanks to compatibility with the RE Engine that the recent Resident Evil games were built on. This mod, however, isn’t as extensive and game-changing as those other efforts for obvious reasons. Check out a gameplay video below, and you can download the mod from here.

As you can see, the mod stays in third-person and still uses a gamepad. Unlike the Resident Evil 2 and 3 mods, there isn’t any first-person or motion controller support. But, then again, attack animations and weapon handling is a key part of the Monster Hunter experience, so it’d be practically impossible to translate that to motion controls and maintain the pace and flow of combat.

Still, it’s a fun way to sit back and enjoy one of the best games of the past year in a new way and few things in VR can compare to taking in giant monsters breathing down your neck. Capcom did bring an official Monster Hunter VR crossover to Japanese arcades about five years ago now, but that’s as close as we’ve ever got to seeing the series in VR in any official capacity. Hopefully with PSVR 2 on the horizon, we could see a future entry of the series take up official support.

Will you check out the Monster Hunter Rise VR mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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