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Minecraft Fans Are Voting To Get The Game On Oculus Quest

Minecraft Fans Are Voting To Get The Game On Oculus Quest

Want Minecraft on Oculus Quest? Then you can do your bit.

A group of fans started a thread in the official forums asking to bring the game to Facebook’s new headset. You can head there to vote up the suggestion and leave a comment as to why you’d want it on Quest. Fans were originally voting on a thread for an Oculus Go port to help raise awareness, but it’s since moved to a dedicated thread.

It seems to be pretty popular, too. At the time of writing the thread included well over 1,000 votes. In fact, it’s already approaching the 1,379 votes seen on the Oculus Go thread. From what we can tell, it’s currently the third most-voted piece of feedback. That said, Oculus Go is the first most-voted and the game still hasn’t launched on that headset.

Still, we’re more hopeful for a Quest version than we are a Go release. Minecraft already supports the Oculus Rift and Windows VR headsets on PC. A Quest release would be closer to those versions than it would the Gear VR release.

The VR versions bring the entire original game into VR, complete with motion controls. Minecraft has a long and shaky history with VR. Years back, Mojang planned a demo version of the game to run inside the Oculus Rift headset until Oculus was acquired by Facebook. The game eventually found its way onto VR headsets with the help of Oculus’ John Carmack. We’re still hoping Carmack works his magic again to bring the game elsewhere.

For now, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed. But Minecraft is at least coming to AR.

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