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Microsoft's Newest HoloLens Apps Enhance The Workplace

Microsoft's Newest HoloLens Apps Enhance The Workplace

Microsoft’s latest apps for its HoloLens mixed reality headset show you exactly why it’s a perfect tool for the workplace.

At yesterday’s Build conference the company introduced two new apps for the device, which projects virtual images into the real world. The first of these is Remote Assist, which is designed to deliver fast, intuitive collaboration tools. In the video below, for example, you can see someone make a Skype-style call where multiple users share files and annotate on real-world objects to help a HoloLens user fix a machine. Users on smartphones and PCs can see what the HoloLens user is seeing and then point them to areas of interest and more.

Next up is Microsoft Layout, which looks like it’s coming to Windows VR headsets too. This allows you accurately design spaces by summoning 3D assets into either virtual or real-world locations to check measurements and placements. You can drag objects around scenes, get measurement readings from one space to another, and then share your surroundings via video calls. You can then export your plans to share with others.

These two apps show that Microsoft is laying the groundwork for HoloLens to become an essential tool in the workplace, though the hardware itself still has some ways to go. It’s interesting to see the company skew further towards industry as one of its biggest rivals, Magic Leap, continues to make a bigger push towards consumer mixed reality in the build-up to launch.

Both are launching as previews on May 22nd.

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