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Microsoft: Mixed Reality Will Revolutionize Work Away From The Desk

Microsoft: Mixed Reality Will Revolutionize Work Away From The Desk

While virtual reality looks to break into the mainstream within the next few years, Microsoft is playing the long game with its mixed reality device, HoloLens, which is much further away from reaching the consumer market. When it does get here, though, Microsoft’s executive vice president of the Windows and devices group Terry Myerson expects it to do big things for work away from the desk.

Myerson spoke a little about virtual and mixed realities ahead of Microsoft’s Build developer conference in Seattle this week, which UploadVR will be attending. Speaking to Time, Myerson spoke a little about his vision for where mixed reality will go in the near future, saying that he expected it to “revolutionize” both videogames and other entertainment.

“I think it will revolutionize so many things that are done away from desks,” Myerson continued. “I don’t think it’s going to replace the work you do at your desk, but when people are away from their desk, when their hands are free.”

Myserson gave an example of looking out of his office a few weeks ago to see someone spray painting a sign alerting pedestrians to a pipe. “And I remember thinking that’s so lame; they should be able to see a virtual map of where the pipe is,” he said. “If we can get that presence right, I think it’s just going to revolutionize our lives, allow us to connect when we’re apart.”

You can expect to see Myerson on stage for Build’s opening keynote later today. Exactly what the company has in store for VR and MR at the show remains unclear, though we’re hoping for an update on the Windows 10 VR headsets Microsoft is building with partners, with Myerson himself introduced late last year.

Those devices are expected to be hitting this holiday season and will support inside-out tracking. Just how well Microsoft delivers on its promise will be one of the biggest stories of VR in 2017.

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