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Microsoft Flight Simulator Finally Has VR Controller Support

Microsoft Flight Simulator Finally Has VR Controller Support

A year on from the launch of its VR headset support, Microsoft Flight Simulator finally has VR controller support too.

The implementation came — as promised — by way of last week’s Game of the Year update, which was free for existing owners. VR controllers allow you to navigate the game’s menus but also allow for more direct interaction with plane cockpits. You’ll be able to grab the yoke to steer (though this is done using your stick, not with motion controls) and interact with instruments around the cockpit.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Controller Support Launched

Lack of VR controller support was one of our biggest issues with Flight Simulator when headset integration was released last year, though you can obviously still use dedicated flight sticks for an immersive experience. We also took issue with the heavy performance costs, which have been addressed somewhat in other updates, though not fixed.

Take note that only one controller is active at a time, and not every plane has been adapted to support the new controls.

Elsewhere the Game of the Year update includes five new aircraft for the game, including a Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, and a German eVTOL called a VoloCity, which developer Asobo teases as a sign of things to come in 2022. There are also new airports and missions as well as updates to photogrammetry cities and more.

We’ll definitely be jumping back into Microsoft Flight Simulator to see how much the VR controller support improves the overall experience, then. Will you be picking the game back up? Let us know in the comments below!

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