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Huge Flight Simulator Update Adds Tons Of European Landmarks

Huge Flight Simulator Update Adds Tons Of European Landmarks

The latest World Update to Microsoft Flight Simulator is now live, and it adds an exhaustive list of European landmarks.

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France all get the paint job treatment in this free update, with the latter receiving the most attention. World Updates in Flight Sim basically revamp certain sections of the planet with more realistic details. In the three-minute trailer below you can get a glimpse of the update landmarks and world-famous sights, each of which has been stunningly realized inside the game’s hyper-realistic world.

Added locations include Amsterdam’s Royal Palace and Notre-Dame in Paris. And, yes, just as with the rest of the game – you can visit these landmarks in VR with the recently-added support.

That isn’t all that’s added in this update, though. There’s also support for Japanese and Dutch languages, new liveries for certain vehicles and a bunch of bug fixes. As for VR-specific changes, there isn’t much. Developer Asobo has added a page about VR for cockpits in the game’s documentation and that’s pretty much it. You can see the full changelog right here.

No sign yet of support for VR motion controllers in the game, though it’s on Asobo’s roadmap. Back in February, the developer said that it had “quite a few” people playing in VR, though hasn’t revealed any official figures. The game supports basically every PC VR headset across Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox Gamepass. A console version is also in the works for Xbox but, considering Microsoft isn’t focusing on VR for its new consoles, don’t expect any form of support there.

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