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Everything Announced At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

Everything Announced At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

Meta just showcased a whole bunch of new titles from coming to Quest 2, including sequels to Boneworks and Espire 1: VR Operative.

Here’s everything announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

Everything Announced At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2

First up, we got a brand new look at The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 Retribution which, yep, is still an absolute handful to say. A new trailer introduced us to the game’s antagonist and we got a small taste of the new chainsaw weapon in action. It’s coming to Quest 2 and Rift later this year with other platforms still to be confirmed.

NFL Pro Era

We also got a very short teaser for the recently-announced NFL Pro Era, which is coming to Quest 2 and PSVR this year. The game promises to deliver the full football experience in VR, though we only saw very early gameplay today.

Among Us VR

As previously teased, Among Us VR also stopped by for a full-length trailer. The footage gave us an idea of how the iconic party game will work inside of headsets. Still no release date for this one, but it’s coming in the holiday season and will hit Quest, PSVR and PC VR. Developer Schell Games also confirmed a three game partnership with Meta for future titles.

Red Matter 2

Next up, Vertical Robot stopped by with a surprise sequel – Red Matter 2. This follow-up to the VR adventure game takes us back on an intergalactic journey to investigate sinister supernatrual forces, with new mechanics like combat and platforming. It’s coming to Quest 2 this summer.

Espire 2

VR stealth game Espire 1 is getting a full sequel with not one but two campaigns. A single-player story will pick up where the first game left off but there will also be a co-op campaign to bridge the gap between the two. This one’s due for Quest 2 this November.

Moss: Book 2

Just a few weeks on from its launch on PSVR we have confirmation that Quill’s second adventure is coming to Quest 2 this summer. Moss: Book 2 is a fitting follow-up to one of our favorite VR games, and we’ll look forward to seeing how it shapes up on the platform.


After a rocky road on Kickstarter we finally got further confirmation that RUINSMAGUS will make it to the west later this year. This VR JRPG looks gorgeous and continues to promise great characters and ambitious action. It’ll be releasing on Quest 2 and Steam.

Cities: VR

We also got another look at VR city builder, Cities: VR, before it launches on Quest 2 next week. This is a full spin-off to Cities Skylines with detailed urban management. It’s Quest 2 exclusive for now but other platforms have been teased.

Resident Evil 4 VR

The long-awaited Mercenaries mode is arriving for Resident Evil 4… today! Embody iconic characters from the famed horror shooter and complete challenges to unlock new rewards like a Big Head mode. It’s a free update for existing owners.

Beat Saber Electronic Mixtape

It wouldn’t be a Meta event without new Beat Saber content. The upcoming Electronic Mixtape pack promises to add artists like Rudimental, Pendulum and Deadmau5. Look for it on all platforms soon.


As promised, we finally saw the full reveal of the hugely-anticipated follow-up to Boneworks. Bonelab is another physics-driven action game that expands on the original game’s foundations and promises mod support on both Quest 2 and PC VR. It’ll hit both platforms later this year.

New Home Environment

As not quite the last reveal, Meta also released the Quest Home environment that today’s showcase took place in. But there was time for one final announcement…

Ghosbusters VR

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stopped by to announce something quite unexpected. Phantom and Fracked developer nDreams is developing a cooperative Ghostbusters VR game, published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality. Team up with up to four friends to wield iconic gadgets and take down bothersome ghosts as you build a new HQ in San Francisco. No word on a release date yet.

And that was the 2022 Meta Quest Gaming Showcase! What did you make of the event? Let us know in the comments below.

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