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Medal Of Honor VR Lets You Skip Its Most 'Intense Sequences'

Medal Of Honor VR Lets You Skip Its Most 'Intense Sequences'

The upcoming Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will let you skip its “intense sequences”, developer Respawn has confirmed.

Game Director Peter Hirschmann confirmed as much in a deep-dive into last month’s new trailer with IGN. At one point, the trailer shows the player jumping out of a B-17 bomber in a dramatic sequence.

“Doing this in VR is especially insane, you feel like you’re really falling,” Hirschmann notes. “We do give players the option to skip intense sequences and the ability to revisit them once they’re feeling up to it.”

This seems like a wise choice. Though blockbuster action moments such as this are one of the reasons we’re really looking forward to Above and Beyond, they definitely look like they could be too much for more sensitive or first-time VR users. Having the option to revisit them easily also means no one’s really losing out on anything.

The deep-drive also reveals a new character making his debut in the game and talks about the process of bringing D-Day to life in VR. We recently spoke to Hirschmann ourselves about the game. You can read our full interview here, in which he talks about the game’s cinematic qualities and its length.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is due out this holiday season on the Oculus Rift. You can also play it on Oculus Quest via the Link option, but there’s no dedicated port of the game to talk about yet. Will you be picking the experience up? Let us know in the comments below!

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