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Medal Of Honor Update Adds Official Support For Reverb G2, Skippable Cutscenes

Medal Of Honor Update Adds Official Support For Reverb G2, Skippable Cutscenes

Respawn Entertainment is back with another patch for Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond, this time adding official support for the HP Reverb G2 and Windows VR headsets.

You could already try and play Above and Beyond inside these devices when the game launched on Steam last year, but official implementation should do away with any compatibility bugs. We’ll definitely try and dive back into the game on the Reverb G2, which offers the highest per-eye resolution of any major VR headsets out there right now.

Elsewhere, another big addition is the ability to skip the game’s cinematic story sequences, which many complained broke the flow of the overall campaign. Respawn says that most of these can now be skipped, including mission briefings, by simply holding both triggers down. Scenes with NPC interaction or those where you receive a new item remain mandatory, however.

Moving on, the team has also added a new crouch option for when playing in seated mode and there’s a host of other minor fixes.

We gave Medal of Honor a 3/5 when it launched last year, citing inconsistent pacing as one of the main issues with it. “It’s not quite enough to solidify the experience as a must-play, but there are plenty of bright spots,” we said. “If you’re eager to dive into a VR version of WWII with exciting set piece moments, authentic historical footage, and an addictively fun online multiplayer mode, then you should come away satisfied.”

The game still managed to get onto Steam’s list of top-selling games for December 2020, though. The team is also looking into a possible Oculus Quest version, but won’t commit to a definitive release at this point.

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