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Mecha Force Brings Roguelike Mech Action Next Year On Quest, SteamVR & Pico

Mecha Force vr key art

Mecha Force marks the latest VR mech game, arriving next year on most major platforms.

Developed by Ming Studio, the team describes themselves as lifelong fans of classic Japanese robot anime, citing Shin Getter Robo, Gunbuster and Gurren Lagann. Combining mech action and roguelike mechanics, you're thrown into a chaotic future as you fight towering foes, using customizable mechs with different weapon combinations. Here's the trailer:


It also marks the first game globally published by MyDearest (Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate, Brazen Blaze), who previously announced a publishing initiative to bring more VR games to Japan. Earlier this month, it also closed a fundraising round that raised $7.8 million to expand existing IP on Quest and PSVR 2.

Mecha Force may find a crowded field at release and it joins a growing list of upcoming VR mech games. Though Mobile Suit Gundam: Silver Phantom is described as an interactive anime film, Big Shots takes cues from roguelike and wave shooters with co-op support, while UNDERDOGS uses arm-based locomotion for a gritty arena fighter.

Mecha Force targets a 2024 release window on the Meta Quest platform, Steam and Pico. While it's not currently available, a pre-release demo will soon become available on App Lab.

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