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Quest 2 Propels VR Headset Usage On Steam To All-Time-High

Quest 2 Propels VR Headset Usage On Steam To All-Time-High

In May 2.31% of Steam gamers used a virtual reality headset, a new all-time-high.

Companies like Facebook, Valve, & HTC don’t reveal sales figures. The Steam Hardware Survey remains the most reliable indicator of PC VR’s adoption.

The survey is offered to a random sample of Steam’s userbase each month. If you choose to accept, it uploads your PC specifications along with SteamVR’s log of any headsets connected in the past month.

Headsets with close to or above 1% SteamVR market share

The Hardware Survey also breaks down which specific VR headset models are used, as seen above. Oculus Quest 2 continues to be the primary driver of growth, with Valve Index & Vive Cosmos also growing slightly.

The market share landscape hasn’t much changed since last month. Facebook continues to hold roughly 60%, while HTC & Valve hold roughly 15% each.

The two standalone Quest headsets together make up just over a third of SteamVR. Quest didn’t officially support PC VR until six months after launch, but third party WiFi streaming apps like Virtual Desktop filled the gap. Quest 2 is marketed as a hybrid headset, last month getting an official WiFi streaming mode.

PC VR’s growth doesn’t get as much attention as standalone VR, and it clearly isn’t at the same pace. But if even modest gains continue, it could soon be more popular than having a 4K primary monitor.

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