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Richie's Plank Devs Reveal New VR Platformer Max Mustard

Richie's Plank Devs Reveal New VR Platformer Max Mustard

Max Mustard is the next VR project from Richie's Plank Experience developers Toast Interactive.

The Australia-based studio revealed Max Mustard this morning as the doors open to Gamescom 2023. Toast Interactive will be on the show floor offering previews of Max Mustard for the first time and UploadVR will be trying the game out later this week.

The reveal came along with a colorful trailer that gives players an idea of what to expect, showing a VR platformer that's closer in style to Astro Bot Rescue Mission or Moss than No More Rainbows. The trailer shows the player embodying a character that looks down on the game's environments, manipulating elements and helping Max Mustard move through the world. Here's a brief description of the game's premise from Toast:

You and the famous inventor, Max Mustard embark on an adventure to reunite adorable mudpups with their parents. Along the way, you are faced with a surprise dilemma when a friend reveals a secret about who they are.

Toast Interactive says the studio has been working on Max Mustard for over three years. The game is still in development, with eyes on a release early next year on VR platforms. Toast says the game will have 4o+ levels and 4 bosses, adding up to around 4+ hours in length.

Keep an eye out for our Max Mustard impressions after we go hands-on with the game later this week.

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