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Every Maskmaker Upload Access Exclusive In One Place!

Every Maskmaker Upload Access Exclusive In One Place!

The team behind A Fisherman’s Tale is back – Maskmaker is coming to VR this month. But what lies behind the mask? Find out in this month’s instalment of Upload Access.

Note: This article was originally published on April 1st.

Developer Innerspace is on hand to talk about about its ambitious VR puzzler. In Maskmaker, you become the apprentice of Prospero, a mysterious figure that teaches you to make masks. Well, actually, they’re magical masks.

Maskmaker Upload Access Month Is Here

Maskmaker’s core hook is using these items to teleport between worlds. Every time you put on a mask, you’ll find yourself in one of the game’s unique biomes which you can explore and solve puzzles in. Along the way, you’ll discover new types of masks that you can collect materials for, then head back to Prospero’s workshop to craft for yourself. Put that mask on, and you’ll assume the position of that item in the given world, allowing you to progress through it.

It’s a promising Metroidvania-style hook, and the studio’s past work gives us hope.

Every Maskmaker Exclusive On Upload Access

What’s To Come

Maskmaker itself is releasing on April 20th on PC VR and PSVR, so we’ve got lots to cram in before release! Check back tomorrow for never-before-seen footage.

Next week, we’ll be talking to Innerspace about the origins of the project and debuting another clip focusing on the actual crafting of a mask. Come back on the week of April 12th, where we’ll dive into the history of Innerspace itself and jump into the game with a walkthrough from the team. We’ll top that off with a chat with publisher MWM Interactive on its decision to fund unconventional VR games like this.

Then it’s launch week! After the game’s out, we’ll be getting the team into our studio for a live Q&A you can join in with, while we’ll round out the month with a look at the art of a pretty gorgeous game.

Maskmaker Upload Access

Plenty of stuff to be excited about, then, and you won’t want to miss it. Bookmark this page right here, which we’ll update with links to our content as it goes live.

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