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Maskmaker - Learn How To Make A Mask In Exclusive Gameplay Clip

Maskmaker - Learn How To Make A Mask In Exclusive Gameplay Clip

One of the key elements to Maskmaker, which hits VR headsets this month, is the crafting mechanics.

But how do you actually make a mask?

This exclusive gameplay clip shows you exactly that. As part of our Upload Access spotlight, Innerspace VR takes us through making one of the masks you’ll use in-game to teleport to other worlds.

Maskmaker: Making A Mask Gameplay

Things start off simple – dye the mask a certain color and, if you want, hang it on a rest to carry out the next steps (though you can hold it in one hand if you prefer to craft that way). From there, you can use brushes to fill in different segments to match the reference image, located on a card. Make a mistake? Dip your brush back into the correct color dye and you can erase any issues with a few seconds.

Then it’s time for decorations. Maskmaker’s masks are organic in that the items you can stick onto them are literally found within the different biomes you explore. So here we have two shells placed atop the mask, and ornaments for the ears too. These can be colored as well.

Once the design of your mask matches one you’ve seen out in the game’s biomes, its eyes light up. Put it on and you’ll be transported into the body of the figure that wore the mask out in the game world. From there you’ll explore, gather new crafting items and solve puzzles as you edge closer to the mystery at the heart of the game.

Maskmaker releases on PC VR and PSVR on April 20th. We’ve got exclusive coverage of the game all month, including the debut of new footage last week and an interview with Innerspace on its origins. Stick around, because next week we’ll look back at the history of Innerspace itself and debut yet more gameplay footage with commentary from the team itself. There’s plenty more where that came from; check out our full Access schedule below!

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