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Watch: 6 Minutes Of Maskmaker Gameplay With Commentary

Watch: 6 Minutes Of Maskmaker Gameplay With Commentary

Still wondering what Innerspace’s Maskmaker is all about? We’ve got over six minutes of gameplay to fill you in.

Creative director Balthazar Auxietre is on hand in this exclusive gameplay clip, talking us through the core mechanics of the game. The clip shows us the game’s swampy environment, and how players can navigate it by possessing strange figures wearing masks you can replicate in the game’s workshop. Match a mask you see out in the world, put it on, and you’ll be transported into that body of that figure to control it.

In the clip, the player needs to follow a recipe to make a concoction that can help them advance further in the level. This involves seeking out different ingredients and solving challenges to get them, like miming certain poses. Alongside puzzles you’ll encounter in the world, you’ll also need to craft masks with natural resources. Auxietre also talks about the game’s mysterious central character, Prospero, and the role they play in the experience.

This is one of our best looks at the game yet so make sure to take notes.

Maskmaker arrives on April 20th for PC VR and PSVR headsets. We’ve got plenty more on the experience as part of our Upload Access spotlight this month. That includes a deep dive on the origins of the game as well as a retrospective on Innerspace’s past work. Stick with us, because we’ll also be talking to publisher MWM Interactive and chatting with Auxietre inside out virtual studio. The full line-up for the month is below!

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