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This Fan-Made Mario VR Project Now Lets You Throw Cappy

This Fan-Made Mario VR Project Now Lets You Throw Cappy

The fan-made Mario VR project just added one of the biggest features from the Italian plumber’s most recent outing.

Developer nimSony, who also worked on fan-made Sonic and Halo VR apps, recently shared his latest progress on the experience. Along with his traditional moveset, Mario is now able to through his cap (or Cappy) as seen in last year’s Super Mario Odyssey on Switch. Doing so in the original game allowed you to take control of other characters in the world, though here it enables Mario to temporarily hover in mid-air before dashing forward to retrieve his iconic hat.

As you can see in the video, Mario is also able to bounce off of walls and scale trees in the demo. He even does a little somersault, which doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing we’ve seen in VR. nimSony continues to work on fan projects such as this whilst running a Patreon campaign. He hasn’t heard anything from Nintendo itself yet but we can’t help but wonder if the company, which shuts down fan projects pretty readily, will step in at some point. The developer acknowledges that that’s entirely possible.

If the company does take it down, at least we’ll still have Mario Kart VR.

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