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Making Fish Bread And Mini Games In Amusement Parks - VR Games & Updates We Missed This Week

Making Fish Bread And Mini Games In Amusement Parks - VR Games & Updates We Missed This Week

A new type of VR cooking game, a twist on the tower defense genre and a new minigame compilation are just some of the VR games and updates you might’ve missed this week.

We don’t always get the time to cover everything we’d like to cover at UploadVR. There’s a lot of VR games and apps out there and it’s hard to pay each of them equal attention. So we thought we’d start a weekly roundup of new titles that caught our eye and updates you might’ve missed to help keep you in the loop.

We’ve had full coverage for Vox Machinae, Startenders, Drums Rock and The Tale of Onogoro, but here’s some other titles to check out.

2MD: VR Football Update

2MD Update

Mind still on the Super Bowl? 2MD: VR Football has a host of new updates including the ability to teleport into the bodies of other players as you pass them the ball to really expand the experience. Quest 2 users will also benefit from a big visual overhaul. The update’s out now and free to existing owners.

Lucky Fish Bread

More VR cooking, but this time with food you probably haven’t had much experience with. You make a Korean street food named Bungeoppang, or ‘fish bread’ at an adorable little street stool. It’s now available on SteamVR.

Now There Be Goblins

Here’s a fantasy-based melee game with some tower defense mechanics. Place towers to maximize damage on swarms of goblins and then jump into the fray yourself with weapons in-hand. It’s coming to early access on March 28.

Rival Rides

Rival Rides

There’s not much revealed about this one but, essentially, it’s a party game set in an amusement park. From images, it looks like you’ll be firing weapons on rollercoasters, making snacks and exploring haunted attractions. It’s aiming to release on Quest 2, PC VR and PSVR in Q2 of 2022.


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