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Magic Leap Finally Reveals Its AR Headset, Magic Leap One

Magic Leap Finally Reveals Its AR Headset, Magic Leap One

After years of mystery and speculation, Magic Leap today finally revealed its first augmented reality product, Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

A new website detailing the device, which projects digital images into the real world, just went live providing our first look at it. Magic Leap One consists of a new AR headset named Lightwear and is accompanied by a tethered companion device named Lightpack that powers AR experiences with performance that the company compares to a laptop computer. It also features a remote-like controller with a trackpad and six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking.

Lightwear is fitted with a range of sensors — eight are seen on the front of the device — that gather a 3D reading of your real-world surroundings. With this information, the device uses lightfield photonics to produce virtual objects in the real world that can interact with desks, chairs and other physical objects. The device can also memorize this data so that objects left in one room will remain there when you return.

The kit features what the company calls ‘soundfield audio’, providing positional information from sound sources. Along with the controller, input methods also include eye-tracking, voice recognition, head pose and gesture recognition.

The Creator Edition is shipping next year and you can sign up over on the site to find out more. Pricing for the device, which is essentially a developer kit, hasn’t been announced. Magic Leap will open its Creator Portal in early 2018, introducing its software development kit (SDK) that will help developers get started making their own AR content.


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