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The Mage's Tale's New PSVR Trailer Pops Up Online

The Mage's Tale's New PSVR Trailer Pops Up Online

inXile Entertainment is being true to its word. Back in November 2018 we reported that the developer was still working on a PSVR port of its excellent VR RPG, The Mage’s Tale, despite being bought by Xbox maker Microsoft earlier in the month. This week, the studio shared the first trailer for that port, seen below.

The video is comprised of a 45-second gameplay montage that popped up somewhat randomly. We could be wrong but it seems to be taken from the PSVR version of the game; the quality of textures seems to be just a touch blurrier than they were on PC. If it is the console version, though, it looks like a competent port. Most PC VR ports, including games like Arizona Sunshine and Superhot, take a hit in the visuals department in order to squeeze onto PS4.

The Mage’s Tale has you raiding dungeons, fighting mythical monsters and brewing your own potions. We loved it on Rift and Vive and can’t wait to see PSVR players get their hands on it.

Sadly the video doesn’t include a release date. Hopefully its arrival isn’t too far off; the first Rift version came out all the way back in 2017.

This isn’t the only thing inXile is working on in VR right now. We also know that the studio is developing a second, bigger VR project that’s set in an open world. Just like the PSVR version of The Mage’s Tale, we know that the game wasn’t canceled in the Microsoft deal. It also looks like it could be a Wasteland VR game. Here’s hoping we find out plenty more about it as the year rolls on.

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