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The Mage's Tale PSVR Version Launches Early Next Month

The Mage's Tale PSVR Version Launches Early Next Month

Earlier this week we reported on the launch of a new trailer for inXile Entertainment’s The Mage’s Tale PSVR port. The clip showed the first console gameplay from the title but didn’t say when it would arrive. Strangely enough, a new version of the same trailer just popped up online, confirming the date.

The below trailer confirms a February 5th launch date for the game. Note that this version of the trailer is from PlayStation’s US YouTube channel. The last was from the EU channel, which may suggest this is a US-only date. Either way, that’s earlier than we expected and a very welcome surprise. No word on price, though on Steam the game goes for $29.99.

Originally launched on the Oculus Rift in 2017, The Mage’s Tale is a VR dungeon crawler. It stays true to the types of games inXile is known for, with a high fantasy setting and role-playing elements. We were big fans of the original version, calling it “one of the best examples of how to take a tried-and-true existing gaming genre and adapt it for the new VR medium.” We’ll be very interested to see how the PSVR version holds up.

This is inXile’s first VR release since Xbox maker Microsoft acquired the studio last year. At the time the studio confirmed it was still working on both The Mage’s Tale PSVR and a new VR game, possibly set in its Wasteland series. We’re hoping to see more from that this year, though we wouldn’t hold our breath for a PSVR port this time around.

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