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Mafia 2 And 3 VR Mods Are Now Available

Mafia 2 And 3 VR Mods Are Now Available

Back in September, we reported on the launch of a Mafia VR mod from GTAV and Red Dead 2 modder, Luke Ross. Now Mafia 2 and 3 VR mods are available too.

The Mafia 2 VR mod has actually been available for a little while, but the Mafia 3 VR mod released over the weekend. As with past releases, you’ll need to be subscribed to the developer’s Patreon in order to actually get access to both mods, though this will also give you access to Ross’ work with GTAV, RDR2 and the original Mafia. You’ll also have to own the games themselves, of course.

The mod supports a first-person view — the Mafia trilogy is usually played from third-person — but you’ll be playing with a gamepad. Check out some of our gameplay from the first entry in the series with the mod enabled below.

Mafia 2 And 3 VR Mods Go Live

Though played with a controller, we thought the mod for the first game was really impressive, and Ross has since implemented first-person support for on-foot gameplay as well as driving too.

We’re unlikely to see official VR ports of the Mafia series anytime soon. That said last week Strauss Zelnick, CEO of 2K publishing owner Take-Two, did hint that the company could do more work with VR after the announcement of GTA: San Andreas VR from Take-Two’s other gaming company, Rockstar Games. Given 2K brought Borderlands 2 to VR a few years back, it’s definitely possible that we see the Mafia series get official support in the future.

Looking for more VR mods? Check out our first gameplay of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 VR mod right here. Are you going to be checking out the VR mods for Mafia 2 and 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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