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Storybook VR Adventure Luna Coming To Quest Tomorrow

Storybook VR Adventure Luna Coming To Quest Tomorrow

Another narrative VR adventure is coming to Oculus Quest tomorrow. This time it’s Funomena’s Luna.

The storybook-style experience lands on Facebook’s standalone headset on March 4th as part of the weekly drop. It’s currently available to wishlist in the Coming Soon section of the Quest store. The Quest release of the app has been a long time coming – Facebook itself first confirmed Luna would arrive on Quest during the Oculus Connect 6 developer conference in 2019.

Luna tells the story of a young bird that’s sent on a whirlwind adventure when they swallow a piece of the moon. Across several chapters, players will meet a wide range of animals, progressing through the story by interacting with some light puzzle elements. Check it out in the trailer below.

If it wasn’t already clear, we think Luna is an absolutely gorgeous VR adventure. We did, however, review an older version of the experience in 2019 that we said lacked narrative punch. Since then, Funomena has gone back and added a ‘Storybook Mode’ that adds in narration to the experience to flesh the story out.

Note that Luna is definitely more an experience than it is a game, though. The story will take you around an hour to see through, making this one for VR fans that are more interested in storytelling than they are deep gameplay elements. If you’re in the latter category then don’t forget that The Climb 2 makes its long-awaited debut on Quest tomorrow, too.

Will you be checking out Luna on Oculus Quest tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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