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Schell Games' Lost Recipes Launches On Quest In Late January

Schell Games' Lost Recipes Launches On Quest In Late January

Schell Games’ intriguing new VR cooking game, Lost Recipes, is launching later this month.

The game arrives on Quest headsets on January 27 for $14.99. You can wishlist the game over on the Oculus Store. Lost Recipes was announced last month at our Upload VR Showcase, the trailer for which you can see below.

Lost Recipes Release Date Revealed

As the name suggests, Lost Recipes is all about learning to cook ancient dishes from across the globe. Players travel to different environments to study the food of Greek, Chinese and Mayan civilizations, using Touch controllers to follow authentic, step-by-step guides to all of the dishes.

On top of the game itself, Schell today launched a new website that contains all of the recipes in the game. So once you’ve learned how to make something in VR, you can take a stab at making it in real life too.

“Putting together a recipe book is something we knew we had to do while creating Lost Recipes, and we had fun preparing some of the dishes in real life as a team,” Project Director Melaine Harke explained in a prepared statement. “We did have to modify the recipes because some of the actual ingredients and cooking methods aren’t available anymore.”

Lost Recipes isn’t the only VR game Schell is working on right now. Also last month the developer revealed it’s working on a VR version of the multiplayer hit, Among Us, which is coming to all platforms. We’re hoping to see the game launch later on in the year, though there’s no firm launch window just yet.

Are you going to be picking up Lost Recipes on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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