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Lone Echo II Officially Announced For The Oculus Rift

Lone Echo II Officially Announced For The Oculus Rift

Lone Echo II, the sequel to UploadVR’s 2017 Game of the Year has just been announced at the Oculus Connect 5 keynote.

Oculus previously teased that the series would return at last year’s Connect, but made the news official this year with a full blown trailer (which we’ll have soon). Developer Ready at Dawn is returning to pick up where the first game’s cliffhanger left off. From the looks of it, we’ll once again be taking on the role of Jack, an AI synthetic that serves as a companion and assistant to Captain Olivia Rhodes as they go on crazy space adventures.

The trailer shows Olivia trying to piece Jack together in a scene somewhat reminiscent of the first game in the series. There’s also a handful of flashbacks to the original game (fair spoiler warning for those of you that haven’t played it yet) that remind you of the brilliant zero-gravity traversal it made its name on. Hopefully, there’s going to be a lot more of that in the sequel, along with some other surprises. The game’s set to arrive in 2019 and you can see a 3D version of the trailer over at the official website.

Elsewhere, Ready at Dawn is continuing to work on the online portion of the Lone Echo franchise, Echo VR, and will soon be adding an all-new component named Echo Combat.

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