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Lone Echo II Now Launching In October On Oculus Rift

Lone Echo II Now Launching In October On Oculus Rift

Lone Echo II releases on Oculus Rift on October 12. Facebook and Ready At Dawn say that’s final this time.

The release date has been a long time coming. The sequel to the original Lone Echo was first announced in 2018 and, though we saw the game in 2019, Ready at Dawn fell silent for much of 2020. An August 2021 release date was then confirmed earlier this year but the game was delayed once again right at the last minute. A blog update today confirms the sequel launches next month. Check out the trailer for the game below.

Lone Echo II Gets A Final Release Date

All the same, we’re looking forward to getting back to the narrative-driven adventure, which follows an android named Jack and Captain Olivia Rhodes who find themselves at the other end of time and space after the first game’s events. Gameplay sees players throwing themselves through zero-gravity environments, avoiding hazards and solving puzzles. We thought the first game set the bar for Rift exclusives.

Lone Echo II also looks to be the last Oculus Rift exclusive game, as Facebook has stopped selling the PC VR headset to double down on Quest. The game also isn’t coming to SteamVR despite the fact that the last Rift exclusive before it, Medal of Honor, launched there too.

This will be the first of two Facebook-funded titles releasing in October. Yesterday the company also confirmed that Quest 2 exclusive, Resident Evil 4 VR, launches on October 21. Are you going to be picking either game up? Let us know in the comments below.

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