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Lone Echo 2 Takes Immersive Reality Game of the Year At 25th DICE Awards

Lone Echo 2 Takes Immersive Reality Game of the Year At 25th DICE Awards

Ready at Dawn’s Lone Echo 2 took home both VR-focused awards at yesterday’s 25th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards.

The sci-fi epic won both in Technical Achievement and overall Game of the Year in the two ‘Immersive Reality’ categories. For Game of the Year, Lone Echo 2 beat rivals including Demeo (which was awarded UploadVR’s own Game of the Year award), I Expect You To Die 2, Resident Evil 4 VR and Song in the Smoke. That’s a tough category for sure.

Lone Echo 2 Wins Big At DICE Awards

“Really the degree to which the original Lone Echo resonated with players as a world and characters and story that was so immersive and deeply personal was really humbling us as a team,” Game Director Nathan Phail-Liff said in an acceptance message. “And continuing that was, frankly, a nerve wracking endeavor.”

We thought Lone Echo 2 was a good follow-up to the original that featured the same stunning levels of immersion thanks to the incredible zero gravity locomotion and high-end visuals. Ultimately, though, we argued that it moved at too slow a pace for its own good and could have streamlined some of its lengthy narrative-driven segments, though it was definitely still worth playing for anyone with a PC good enough to actually run it.

Lone Echo 2 was, however, the last full Oculus Rift exclusive we’re likely to ever see, so it’s nice to see the headset at least go out on a high note with awards such as these. We’re eagerly waiting to see what the now Meta-owned Ready at Dawn does next.

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