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Loco Dojo Is Like Mario Party For Oculus Touch

Loco Dojo Is Like Mario Party For Oculus Touch

UK-based VR developer make[REAL] has already worked with companies like McDonalds on specific experiences. Today the studio — which includes former members of Radial-G developer Tammeka — is ready to announce its first full VR game, Loco Dojo, and it’s coming very soon.

Loco Dojo sounds a little like Nintendo’s multiplayer party games like Mario Party or the recent 1-2 Switch brought into VR for Oculus Touch. The game features 16 different minigames that two to four players can compete for dominance in, getting you to do everything from boxing eggs and stacking moles to throwing biscuits and milking pigs (yes, really). Each of these will have unique interactions via Touch, so expect a touch of WarioWare, a game that made players act quick to carry out quirky tasks, in there too.

We’ve got a first glimpse at the game below. Ever wanted to spank a pig in VR? No? Well you can now do it all the same.

Multiplayer sessions are expected to last anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. The game will also feature a solo mode that will last around 20 minutes. Perhaps most importantly, though, the game is being narrated by Brian Blessed, the charismatic actor that you might know for his turn as Boss Nass in Star Wars.

Loco Dojo is set to launch later this month. Look for additional impressions later on in April.

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