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Loco Dojo Dev Talks Bringing VR Party Games To Oculus Quest

Loco Dojo Dev Talks Bringing VR Party Games To Oculus Quest

Last week saw UK-based Make Real return to the VR gaming scene with a fresh release of its party game, Loco Dojo, on Oculus Quest.

We sat down with the team’s Sam Watts in our virtual studio to talk about bringing the experience over to the standalone headset. Loco Dojo first released on PC VR headsets back in 2017, so it’s been quite a journey to make the Quest port a reality, and a lot of work had to be done to make it fit on the standalone headset. Make Real also does a lot of location-based entertainment and enterprise-based client work, and Watts spoke to how those experiences compare to competing in the VR games market.

Loco Dojo Interview

For those that don’t know, Loco Dojo offers up to four-player online tournaments in which players compete in a number of the 16 minigames in a battle for supremacy. We reviewed the game last week and gave it a ‘Good’ rating, noting that some of its minigames hide incredibly fun VR interactions.

“Loco Dojo doesn’t rewrite the rules on the party game format, but it successfully finds the fun in adding VR to that template,” we wrote. “Its best games are brilliantly entertaining explorations of the different kinds of experiences the platform offers and, although it has some structural issues, tournaments move with a pace that makes them easy to jump into and tempting to replay time and again. “

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