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Little Cities Release Date: Quest City Builder Hits Next Month

Little Cities Release Date: Quest City Builder Hits Next Month

Little Cities, the VR city-building sim published by nDreams, is launching in April.

The game, developed by UK-based Purple Yonder, hits both Quest 1 and 2 on April 21. Check out the latest look at the title in the trailer below.

Little Cities Release Date Confirmed

Little Cities features a full campaign in which players build sprawling cityscapes across several themed islands from an isometric perspective. You’ll look to create thriving metropolises for people to build new homes and start new lives in, managing resources and more. Today’s trailer reveals new volcanic islands that put buildings at risk of nearby eruptions, but there’s also deserts and archipelagos with multiple smaller islands to build between.

As Quest fans will likely know, this isn’t the only city-building game on the horizon. Fast Travel Games is also working on Cities: VR, a spin-off of the popular Skylines series, which is also due to release on Quest 2 this spring. It’ll be interesting to see how the two stack up, but at a glance, Little Cities looks to be a more relaxed and idyllic offering, whereas Cities: VR gets into the nitty gritty of adapting the original game for VR.

It’s been a busy week for nDreams itself, which announced a further $35 million in funding a few days ago. Alongside its publishing arm, the company now has three developments studios, at least some of which are working on projects for Sony’s PSVR 2 headset.

Will you be picking up Little Cities this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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