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Lifeliqe Launches Educational App for HoloLens

Lifeliqe Launches Educational App for HoloLens

It was back in April that we told you that education startup Lifeliqe was bringing its services to Microsoft’s HoloLens platform. Initially we saw the app at work in the classroom, but now anyone with a HoloLens can try it out for themselves.

Lifeliqe today launches its mixed reality app as a free download on the Windows Store. It’s based on the company’s pre-existing service for Windows. Designed for teaching K-12 sciences, the app includes 10 lessons plans with 20 interactive models that users will be able to explore like never before. With a HoloLens on, these models are projected into the real world as virtual objects. You can walk around them and explore them in-depth. Content has been designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core to ensure its suitability in the classroom.

Subjects cover chemistry, physics and geology, making the app ideal for science modules across the country. That is of course if they have a HoloLens; Microsoft’s device costs $3,000 as an experimental developer edition and isn’t expected to hit the consumer market for years to come. Even in its current state the educational potential of the kit is clear, though.

Last year the company also launched a VR museum on the Vive in partnership with HTC. The virtual app taught users about everything from dinosaurs to cells.

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