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Lenovo's Windows MR Headset Arrives In August For $399 Says Insider Member

Lenovo's Windows MR Headset Arrives In August For $399 Says Insider Member

Microsoft has so far only offered vague windows for the launch dates and prices of its Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets, made in partnership with a range of companies. However a report today may have revealed specific details for Lenovo’s take on the concept.

Information comes by way of Ross McDougall, a member of the Lenovo Insiders program, who was reportedly briefed on the situation this month. McDougall claims that Lenovo’s kit will be arriving in August 2017 for $399. It will have a 1440×1440 display and weigh 380g. It will reportedly work with select HoloLens software and launch with the Lenovo Entertainment Hub, which allows you to play many traditional 2D games inside the headset (though it’s far from a pleasant experience).

McDougall also reported previously-confirmed features like dual cameras, compatibility with traditional 2D apps and, of course, the inside-out tracking that provides six degrees of freeom (6DOF).

Though this information comes from a member of the Insiders program, we’re still not entirely sure this means a full consumer release or a new developer kit. Lenovo did recently suggest its device will come in the ‘back-to-school‘ period, though, and August certainly fits the bill. UploadVR has reached out to Lenovo for comment, but didn’t hear back by the time of publication (UPDATE: Lenovo declined to comment).

Currently Microsoft is sending out development kits for the Acer version of the Windows 10 VR headsets, which don’t have a firm release date. We’re also expecting to see devices from Dell, HP, and Asus. Microsoft says these devices will support a range of controllers — though so far we’ve only used one with an Xbox gamepad — and will vary in price and specs. Each is set to launch this holiday season, and Microsoft has assured us that they’ll very much be entertainment devices at first.

Moving in 2018, Microsoft will also bring mixed reality support to its upcoming Project Scorpio console. What that means for these headsets remains unclear for now.

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