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Lego's Official ARKit App Brings Bricks To Life

Lego's Official ARKit App Brings Bricks To Life

Lego’s new official AR app, debuting on Apple’s ARKit, will bring your bricks to life.

Debuting at Apple’s WWDC press conference today, the app takes advantage of the new sharing feature that’s included with ARKit 2, also announced today. This allows friends to build Lego sets together in the real world, and then point your iPhone or iPad’s camera at them to turn them into a digital toy box. You can virtually decorate your real set and its surroundings as well as bring in Lego characters and even peer inside buildings.

If you explore the area around your new virtual scene, you’ll find characters that you can complete missions for. At one point a fire broke out, which one player extinguished while the other made sure the citizens were safe. Pressing one button will strip away the outside of buildings allowing you to see what’s doing on inside. At one point we even saw Batman join in on the action.

Lego says that these experiences are coming to iOS 12 later this year and will support up to four players. It’s exciting to think about where the company could go with the app, especially with branded content like Star Wars and Marvel sets.


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