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Layers of Fear VR Heads To PSVR Later This Month

Layers of Fear VR Heads To PSVR Later This Month

Last month we spotted Layers of Fear VR listed on the PlayStation Store. Now the release is official, and it’s not far off.

Bloober’s horror game — ported to VR by Incuvo — lands on Sony’s headset on April 29th, priced $19.99. This is the same VR version of the game that debuted on PC headsets in later 2019 before following on on Oculus Quest in 2020. It’s a full port of the original 2016 game complete with support for VR motion controls.

Layers Of Fear PSVR Version Coming

In Layers of Fear, players take control of a troubled painter that struggles to finish what they hope is their masterpiece. Exploring the halls of an enormous Vicorian mansion, you’re submitted to psychological horrors as you try and piece your sanity back together. This will likely mark the game’s final stop on it tour of VR headsets. It actually first came to VR in a little-known port to Google Daydream called Layers of Fear: Solitude, but the less said about that the better.

We didn’t think the port was particularly great, though much of that was based on the original game itself. So if you enjoyed Layers of Fear the first time around, you might find this one worth your time.

Incuvo has since moved on to more VR ports – it also brought Bloober’s Blair Witch game to headsets and is currently working on a full translation of promising survival game, Green Hell. As for Bloober, we may see new versions of Blair Witch for other headsets, but the team hasn’t announced any other VR ports at this point in time.

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