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Layers Of Fear VR Haunts Oculus Quest This Week

Layers Of Fear VR Haunts Oculus Quest This Week

Bloober Team’s psychological horror game, Layers of Fear, is bringing its artistic scares to Oculus Quest this week.

Layers of Fear VR arrives on the standalone headset this Thursday, July 9th, the studio confirmed to UploadVR. This will be the same version of the game that released on PC VR headsets on Steam late last year. Layers of Fear first released on traditional consoles and PC back in 2016. In it, players take control of a tormented painter and follow them on a terrifying trip through their psyche as they struggle to complete their masterpiece.

Check out the trailer for the PC VR version of the game below.

Layers of Fear already has a long history with VR, though. The game first came to Google’s now-defunct Daydream platform a few years ago as a sort of abridged version named Layers of Fear Solitude. We weren’t too impressed with that version, but then Boober almost surprise-dropped a full VR port of the game on PC in December of last year. However we still thought the VR implementation needed work in that version of the game. Hopefully there are some crucial fixes in the Quest edition.

It certainly seems like Bloober Team has a keen interest in VR, then. Hopefully that might mean we see its other releases like Layers of Fear 2, Observer and the upcoming The Medium inside headsets one day too. Bloober certainly isn’t ruling the possibility out.

Layers of Fear VR will cost $19.99 on Quest. Will you be picking the game up? Let us know in the comments below!

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