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Layers Of Fear 2 VR Support Not Being Ruled Out

Layers Of Fear 2 VR Support Not Being Ruled Out

Good news for people that like to poop themselves! Layers of Fear 2 VR support might just happen.

That is according to a Eurogamer report from PAX South this weekend. During a panel on the game, developer Bloober Team was apparently secretive about possible VR support. When the site followed-up, the developer said that the game would be multiplatform first and foremost. VR support was neither confirmed nor denied. That gives us hope.

The original Layers of Fear was a first-person horror that told the story of a disturbed artist. Its mysterious sequel is set aboard a luxury cruiser. It promises yet more psychological scares, the kind that would be perfect for VR. Platforms for the game have yet to be announced though a new trailer for the game is below.

If it does happen, it wouldn’t be the series’ first taste of VR. The first game in the series was reworked into a Daydream VR experience named Layers of Fear: Solitude. Sadly we didn’t think much of it. It was a somewhat awkward compilation of scares that fell flat. A full version of the sequel on premium VR headsets could easily surpass that effort, though.

Eurogamer also reports that Solitude won’t be coming to any other VR headsets anytime soon. Nor will Bloober port its last game, Observer to headsets. That’s a shame, but fingers crossed Layers of Fear 2 VR still happens. Because we all need another scary VR game, right?

For now, we’re expecting the game to launch sometime this year.

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