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Latest Ark Park Trailer Promises Gorgeous VR Visuals, Big Explosions

Latest Ark Park Trailer Promises Gorgeous VR Visuals, Big Explosions

It’s finally getting near time for the release of ARK: Survival Evolved spin-off, Ark Park, and a new trailer this week suggests it’s going to be one of the biggest VR games off the year so far.

The footage is the first we’ve seen that focuses on both sides of Ark Park’s offerings. On the one hand there’s the slower, more educational side to the experience that lets you get up-close with the game’s variety of prehistoric beasts, studying them and learning about them. This is the side of the game that will invite casual players and those checking out VR for the first time into the fold.

Then, for the action junkies and VR initiated, there’s the wave shooter mode, which sees you gun down hostile dinosaurs as you defend a beacon. It’s not the most original VR gameplay we’ve seen but we have to admit it’s incredibly polished; the visuals on display here are some of the most detailed we’ve seen in VR so far. Plus there’s a giant gorilla.

Elsewhere, developer Snail Games confirmed that the game will have 10 maps to explore either on your own or with friends. Outside of the shooter gameplay, there are also several puzzles to solve by gathering ‘Gene Fragments’ that will help to capture certain creatures. You can even breed beasts by collecting and incubating eggs.

Ark Park is launching on March 22nd on PSVR, Rift and Vive.

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