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Oculus Quest Exclusive Jurassic World Aftermath Out Now For $25

Oculus Quest Exclusive Jurassic World Aftermath Out Now For $25

Update: Jurassic World Aftermath is out now on Oculus Quest for $24.99.

Original (12/16/20): The Jurassic World Aftermath release date is here just in time; the game hatches on Oculus Quest tomorrow.

The game, developed by UK-based Coatsink and published by Oculus Studios, arrives as an exclusive for the standalone headset. Aftermath features a full single-player campaign in which players are trapped in a research facility with, you guessed it, a lot of dinosaurs that are very interested in eating you. Facebook has not confirmed pricing for the title.

Jurassic World Aftermath Release Date Revealed

Check out the launch trailer in the tweet above, though take note that, like the debut trailer from earlier in the year, the footage is captured on PC. It looks great, but we don’t know how well that will translate to Quest 2.

The trailer gives us more of a glimpse of the game’s story elements as well as some of the mechanics. Stealth and survival are a huge part of the overall experience, then.

Coatsink itself has a lot of experience in VR, starting out with the Esper series for Gear VR years back. The studio’s since released plenty of titles including Quest launch game, Shadow Point, and published games like the Quest version of Onward. Earlier this year we reported that the studio had been acquired by Thunderful Group.

Will you be checking out Jurassic World Aftermath at launch tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!


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