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Joy Way Aims For Clearer Communication After Stride PSVR Confusion

Joy Way Aims For Clearer Communication After Stride PSVR Confusion

Stride and Against developer Joy Way says it is “determined not to repeat our past mistakes” as the studio attempts to move on from issues related to how it communicates publicly.

Joy Way recently increased the price of Stride on PSVR from $14.99 to $19.99 while the company’s Twitter account posted that there’s no confirmation PSVR would see the game’s upcoming single-player campaign, which is coming to PC. If the studio can’t confirm the much needed addition is coming to Sony’s headset, then why increase the price?

The move comes a few months after Joy Way unexpectedly pulled the plug on its roguelite, Outlier, shortly after launching in early access. Responding to questions from UploadVR regarding the confusion surrounding its titles, Joy Way sent over the following statement:

“In response to the concerns of some individual players and members of the VR community, we find it necessary to remind: 

When we mention that particular content is in development, we mean that we’re working on it in general, until we mention otherwise. And when we have more details about whether it will be available on a specific platform or not – we always make an official announcement. The same rule applies to the single-player content with story elements or multiplayer updates in STRIDE.

And until we announce it for specific platforms, we market the game on them as a parkour VR game with 3 game modes available: Endless, Arena, and Time Run (+Multiplayer on some of them). Please consider this when you plan to get the game on any of the platforms. 

Speaking of our price policy, it may vary from platform to platform. It depends on many factors, and we are currently experimenting with it. 

We are determined not to repeat our past mistakes and are now taking a more careful approach to choosing words in relation to any content for our games on any platform. So as not to encourage players to overhype stuff we’re working on”.

Though questions over Stride’s PSVR pricing remain, the company hopes to move on from these communication issues and focus on additional content for Stride alongside its other PC VR project, Against.

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