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Journey To Foundation Cast Features Mass Effect & Overwatch Talent

Journey To Foundation Cast Features Mass Effect & Overwatch Talent

Journey To Foundation unveiled its voice cast featuring actors from Mass Effect, Overwatch 2 and more.

Set in Isaac Asimov's Foundation universe, Journey To Foundation is a narrative-focused sci-fi adventure from Archiact. As confirmed in a press release, we now know that Hayden Bishop (Wasteland 3) is voicing protagonist Agent Ward. They're joined by François Chau (Ghost of Tsushima) as Commissioner Han Bo, Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Synapse) as Vex, and Leah de Niese (Overwatch 2) as the soon-to-be Empress Astoria Durand.

Rounding out this cast is Anoush NeVart (Nyria Durand), James Mathis III (Cyril Gant), Ritesh Rajan (Kaldan Morrow), Ry Chase (Ezro Toombs), Fryda Wolff (Erinye), Jason Hightower (Major Leos), D Callahan (Grilk) and Jason Spisak (The Peddler).

Revealed during February's State of Play presentation, Journey To Foundation promises every choice "carries a consequence and affects your story." You can read the official description below:

Players will embark on a clandestine mission as Agent Ward, a spy sent to the edge of the Galactic Empire to infiltrate a group of deserters… only to uncover a dire truth that could change the course of history. Armed with the best tools and weapons the Empire has to offer, you'll have to decide who to trust. Will you fight for an Empire that Hari Seldon has predicted will collapse into 30,000 years of anarchy, or will you defect to the Foundation and help them build a new cradle for humanity?

Journey To Foundation releases in Autumn 2023 on PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2, and Pico 4.

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