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Job Simulator, Superhot Top December PSVR Charts

Job Simulator, Superhot Top December PSVR Charts

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator and the epic Superhot VR have topped Sony’s PlayStation Store charts in December.

Earlier this month Sony published chart results for the entire year in which Job Simulator came out on top and Superhot followed in second. In the US for December, though, Job Simulator came first with PlayStation VR World taking the second spot and Superhot coming third. It’s not surprising to see these older, popular titles doing so well in a Christmas month, though all three have been consistent performers throughout the year.

Counting Crow’s Accounting+, which released around halfway through the month, came in fourth, with a likely list including Skyrim, Doom and Arizona Sunshine helping to fill in the top 10. Of course, some of these games are also available on disc, which the charts don’t account for.

Over in the EU it was Superhot that topped the charts with Job Simulator following closely behind. Rollercoaster Legends, another new game, came in fourth, which shows a clever bit of strategy from the developers getting the game out there just as PSVR goes on display to millions of friends and relatives.

And with that, a new year of releases awaits us. Who will come out on top in 2018?

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