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Incredible Jet Set Radio VRChat World Lets You Grind And Wall-Run

Incredible Jet Set Radio VRChat World Lets You Grind And Wall-Run

An incredible new VRChat world pays tribute to classic Sega title, Jet Set Radio, in VR.

Jet Set Radio Festival is an in-development environment for the social VR platform, developed by Lakuza, Waai! and Darkjayson. The world recreates the look and feel of Dreamcast classic, including an accurate layout of its iconic city and even bringing some of its classic characters into VR. Check it out in the trailer below.

As you can see, this isn’t just a simple recreation of Jet Set’s world, but also its mechanics. Inside the environment players will be able to grind, wall-run and double jump just like in the original game. Perhaps not the most comfortable experience for VR, but for fans of the series this is sure to be a treat. This being a VRChat world, you can also do all of this with friends.

The world will be available to play on PC VR and non-VR, but is too large to fit onto the native Quest app. Lakuza says they might look into making a smaller map for Quest once this release is complete, though. A full release date for the Jet Set Radio Festival isn’t yet known but hopefully it isn’t too far off.

Back in February we reported on the launch of a new VRChat avatar creator that can generate a virtualized version of yourself to import into the social platform in a matter of seconds. Slowly but surely the platform is becoming a VR destination with something for everyone.

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