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Jeff Minter's Polybius Is Finally Coming To SteamVR

Jeff Minter's Polybius Is Finally Coming To SteamVR

Last year Llamasoft, a developer known for its trippy arcade games, released Polybius on PlayStation VR (PSVR). The game is a sort of remake of an industry legend, an arcade cabinet that was so brutal in its display of neon-drenched shoot’em up action that it was removed from some places. Good news for PC VR users that like an acid trip, then; the game is coming to SteamVR later this year.

A Steam page for Polybius is now online, confirming a Q4 2018 release window (so, in other words, within the next few weeks) and listing Oculus Rift support. No, there’s no Vive support listed, though Minter reasoned on Twitter that the developer only has access to Oculus hardware. Still, given that it’s appearing on SteamVR, the game will likely run unofficially inside both Vive and the Windows VR headsets, and full gamepad support should mean there won’t be any control discrepancies, either.

The Steam page also says that a VR headset is required to run the game, though Minter confirmed this is not the case; you can play it on a standard screen too.

Polybius is a tunnel shooter in which the player controls a small vehicle that blasts down a neon assault course, shooting everything in sight. Earlier this year we labeled it as one of the 100 VR games you really should be playing, so it’s great to see it finally come to PC. That’s especially true considering Minter last April revealed that Llamasoft hadn’t yet ‘made a penny’ out of the game. Hopefully those fortunes will change with the latest release.


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