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French Electronic Musician Jean-Michel Jarre To Perform In VRChat This Weekend

French Electronic Musician Jean-Michel Jarre To Perform In VRChat This Weekend

French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre is set to perform live in VRChat this weekend in a unique environment created specifically for the event.

Dubbed ‘Alone Together’, the concert will go for 40 minutes and begins at 12:15pm PT on June 21, this Sunday. Jarre says he has some new music to debut, and the entire event is being produced in collaboration with Aero Productions and VRRoom, the latter of which has created a unique environment in VRChat for Jarre to perform in. As for what that environment might look like, it’s a surprise until the event itself. However, you can check out some screenshots of a previous VR concert Jarre did in 2018, or check out the poster for Alone Together below, which might hint at the potential aesthetic.

jean michel jarre alone together

As it’s being hosted in VRChat, the concert will be accessible to those with or without a VR headset. For those with a PC VR headset, you’ll simply need to open VRChat and enter ‘VRROOM’ in the world search bar at the time of the performance. For those without a PC VR headset, you can start VRChat in Desktop mode and enter ‘VRROOM’ in the world search bar to join the virtual concert on your non-VR device. You’ll also be able to watch live on Jarre’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

Jarre’s website says he has a specific message he wants to convey with the concert: “Whether in the real or virtual world, music and live performance have a value, the recognition and sustainability of which is vital for millions of creators.” With many concerts around the world cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s nice to see a prominent artist to go to the effort to create a whole new environment for a 40 minute VR concert.

Will you be jumping into VRChat for the Alone Together concert? Let us know in the comments.

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