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Japan's First Adult VR Festival Kicks Off Next Month

Japan's First Adult VR Festival Kicks Off Next Month

VR porn is expanding in the expected ways in the west, but things are taking a different twist in Japan.

According to Kai-You, as translated by Kotaku, the first adult VR festival, named Adult VR Festa, will be held in the Akihabara district of Tokyo on June 12th. No, this doesn’t simply feature the same assortment of 360 degree videos you might expect to see on BaDoinkVR and other services over here. Instead the festival will feature experiences with computer generated girls and environments, aided by third-party devices in some cases.

A video from Spotwright posted on the page might give you some idea of what to expect at the event. You can see Leap Motion’s controller-free hand-tracking and other devices used pretty much in the ways you might expect. The creators of these experiences also express frustration at not being able to show this content off at regular VR-themed events, hence why a specific festival is being set up.

It seems like the festival will showcase at least two experiences. One is imaginatively named ‘Sexy Beach Premium Resort‘ and the other is ‘BeacHouSex‘. Again, we’ll let you work out exactly what you might do in these Oculus Rift ‘games’. This sort of mix of games and porn might be expected out of Japan, but it actually brings a level of interactivity to content that’s not possible in the simply immersive vidoes that many western companies are relying on.

It might seem strange at first, but this may well be a necessary avenue for VR porn to explore if it’s to become truly convincing in the future. Perhaps the real answer lies in a mix of this kind of interactivity and the full-body scanning work we’re only just starting to see implemented into the world of VR.

Tickets to Adult VR Festa are set at 3,000 Yen (which is about $27) and you’ll have to have photo ID ready.

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