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Japan's Adult VR Festival Proves (Venue) Size Matters, Canceled Due to Overcrowding

Japan's Adult VR Festival Proves (Venue) Size Matters, Canceled Due to Overcrowding

Back in May we reported that Japan’s new adult VR festival would be taking place in mid-June. Sadly, the event’s first time proved to be a bit of an awkward mess.

Adult VR Fest 01 was the festival’s name, and it was set in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, known for its collection of arcades and stores. The event attracted scores of people wanting to get inside and play with the latest pornography experiences inside headsets like the Oculus Rift. Unfortunately, the festival attracted so much attention that the street outside the venue began to draw a sizeable crowd that, according to one blogger (and translated via The Next Web), police eventually had to break it up.

A few did manage to get into the event, however, and the inside looked every bit as bizarre, intriguing, and often downright terrifying as we had imagined.

If you were worried about the VR industry becoming fragmented with too many peripherals before, wait until you see what some people are preparing for VR sex experiences. A preview video had already shown us a machine designed to carry out a pretty important part of the love making process with worrying efficiency (pictured by the blogger above), but also on display was a box that users would place their hand into to have air blow on them in a certain way that would simulate touching a breast.

Then there’s the particularly creepy hand-tracked experience in which a girl lays down and allows you to touch her wherever you please. As strange as that is, there’s no peripheral to complement it, meaning you have no point of reference and you’re simply grabbing thin air. Not something you want the neighbors to spot you doing through the window.

Perhaps the festival’s magnum opus, however, was an inflatable doll that, somewhat alarmingly, was missing full arms, legs and, oh yes, a head. You can see footage of it from Naughty Gaming below, along with a number of other exhibits at the event. Is this the future of VR porn or something out of a really bad horror movie? We’ll let you decide.

Despite the setback, the festival is set to return next month, hopefully with a bigger venue at the ready. And who knows; maybe if these products take off we’ll soon seen them on the Vive’s accessory store?

Probably not.

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