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Iron Rebellion Gets Early Access Trailer, Roadmap Revealed

Iron Rebellion Gets Early Access Trailer, Roadmap Revealed

We’ve got a fresh look at promising upcoming VR mech action game, Iron Rebellion, and the game’s post-launch roadmap has been revealed.

The game, from Black Beach Studio, is set to launch in Early Access on SteamVR and Oculus Quest via App Lab in the coming weeks. It shows the interactive cockpits you’ll use to pilot mechs in (initially) 1v1 battles. There’s also a look at side modes, which include a mech-driven take on Rocket League and a mode where, quite literally, the floor is turned into lava.

Iron Rebellion Trailer

Meanwhile, over on the recently updated roadmap, Black Beach confirmed what it hopes to add to the game over the course of Early Access. That includes energy beam, homing rockets and rapid fire ballistic weapons, 4v4 multiplayer support, new mech classes, maps, modes and more. The team envisions releasing the 1.0 version with a total of nine classes, 12 weapons, three maps and more.

But, going forward, there are also plans to implement HOTAS support and a single-player and co-op mode named Surge, pitting players against an alien infestation. Should the game really take off then the studio would also grow out the multiplayer to feature persistent modes and expand the Surge mode.

As for a possible PSVR version? Watch the trailer for a little in-joke on the chances of that, but fingers crossed all the same. Look for Iron Rebellion to launch at some point over the next few weeks. We’ll bring you more on the game when we have it.

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