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Iron Man VR Game Announced For PSVR, Coming This Year

Iron Man VR Game Announced For PSVR, Coming This Year

Whoa! An Iron Man VR game is coming to Sony’s PSVR headset.

The game, which is literally called Iron Man VR, was announced during Sony’s State of Play broadcast today. We saw Tony Stark himself suit up as the armored Avenger in an aerial mission. It looked like players used two Move motion controllers to blast away robotic enemies. It looked really, really cool, to say the least.

This goes some way to explaining why Iron Man didn’t feature in last year’s Marvel Powers United VR. The game was an Oculus Rift exclusive that features most of Marvel’s beloved cast like Captain America and Spider-Man. We always felt like Iron Man was a a big omission from the game. Legendary developer David Jaffe also once pitched the game to Sony but it didn’t get off the ground.

The game is coming to PSVR this year. It’s in development by Sony’s own Worldwide Studios and Camouflaj. That’s the studio that made Republique, which found its way on Oculus Go last year.

Other than that, details are light right now. We’re not sure if the game is a full exclusive to PSVR or if it’ll find its way to other headsets. We also don’t know how big the experience will be. Either way, it’s safe to say we’re very excited about this one.

This is far from all that’s been announced for PSVR today. We also got our first look at No Man’s Sky VR and a release date for Blood and Truth. Excited time to own a headset!


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