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Iron Man VR Tips, Tricks And Things To Know Before You Start

Iron Man VR Tips, Tricks And Things To Know Before You Start

Looking for Iron Man VR tips and tricks to get you started? We’ve got you covered!

Yup, Tony Stark takes flight on PSVR today, and we’re big fans of it. Camouflaj’s blockbuster isn’t just a great spectacle; it’s a genuinely deep and intense action game too. In fact if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be pretty overwhelming.

We’ve conquered the game on the hardest difficulty, so we’re here to offer up some Iron Man VR tips to those struggling.

Kill Weaker Enemies First

Challenge in Iron Man VR doesn’t always stem from the strength of enemy attacks, so much as the number of them. The weakest class in the game will constantly be firing enemy orbs at you that, while largely harmless, can easily distract you from more powerful blows from tougher foes. When a wave of enemies come in, make sure to thin the herd as soon as possible so you can keep complete focus on tougher opponents.

Time Your Boosts And Make Some Distance

Iron Man VR

Dodging attacks in Iron Man VR often requires you to boost out of the way. It’s incredibly effective at avoiding basically anything thrown in your direction but it also requires a small recharge every time you use it, which can leave you vulnerable to powerful hits. A well-timed boost is the difference between life or death.

For the most part, the game’s also only designed to throw attacks at you when an enemy is facing you. Use this to your advantage; make constant twists and turns in your direction and, if health is really low, find a building or vehicle far off to take cover behind to help your armor recharge before heading back into the fray.

Lead With Auxillary Weapons, Follow-Through With Punches

It can be tempting to just rely on your trusty repulsor blasts in combat, but you’ll have a much easier time if you fully utilize Tony’s arsenal. Auxillary weapons mounted to your left and right arms can give you a great headstart in a fight if you unleash them as soon as enemies show up and are bunched closely together. Also don’t forget to punch; it’s another great way to dodge incoming fire, is deadly in its own right and can send enemies spiraling into others.

Know When To Quick Turn And When To Turn Naturally

iron man vr punch attack

Thanks to some incredible prediction algorithms, Iron Man VR is essentially the only PSVR game with Move support that can be played with 360 degrees of freedom. But the system isn’t perfect and you’ll need to get a feel for mixing up natural and quick turns, especially on hard difficulties. The quick turn is an essential feature in the game’s races and necessary when you find yourself getting wrapped up in wires.

Use Hover Mode

Iron Man VR is a game of mental arithmetic. Camouflaj has done a decent job making its control scheme as intuitive as possible on PlayStation Move, but it can often be too much to remember, especially when flying at 100 miles an hour. If you’re getting flustered, a good way to quickly gather yourself is to press the button for Hover Mode, which will bring Tony to an instant stop wherever you are. You can use this mode to get in some well-placed shots without having to move before boosting off again to avoid incoming fire. It’s a lifesaver.

Consider Normal Mode Before Hard Mode

iron man vr friday globe

If, like me, you like a challenge, then you might be tempted to play through Iron Man VR in Invincible Mode (Hard Mode) first time through. And it’s true, the game offers exhilarating combat in this mode, but it can also be incredibly frustrating. Checkpoints are few and far between, tracking and wire limitations can lead to cheap deaths and dying often means not only a long reload but rewatching a cutscene too.

Even with all the Iron Man VR tips listed above, this mode will still give you a real struggle. Remember this is a superhero game; you want to feel powerful. Hard Mode will always be there after your first playthrough, but we’d recommend seeing it through on Normal first.

Iron Man VR is available now on PSVR. Do you have any other Iron Man VR tips that have been working for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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